May 21, 2012

me and Saigon: That Antique Shop Street

Kalau di Jakarta ada jalan Surabaya untuk
jejeran toko baran antiknya, di Saigon pun ada.
Toko yang di belakang kamera di gambar
kedua adalah toko yang paling menarik isinya
buat saya. Sayang harganya sama sekali tidak

Another post from my Saigon trip last March.
This is one long street of pretty antique shops
with such an expensive prices that I was just
glad to be able to walk through them and buy
nothing at all. Look at that view camera!


Anonymous said...

Some treasure there, I spy. It is sometimes good when it is too expensive and then you stop looking at what you can buy and focus on the great visual display before your eyes.

vantiani said...

Oh hey you! I'm totally agree with that. Just like on this one market, I just then focused on the every single tiles, signboards and other interesting details around each of the shop.


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