Dec 5, 2015

"I would die happy right this second and I don't care if I end up in heaven or hell"

I found art in the right place. In my own space, among my bestfriends. We are practically trying to make whatever idea we have came to live with whatever we have at that moment. We believe in ourselves, we believe in Do It Ourselves. Art to us is not only a tool to talk to other   people, but also to ourselves, to our friends. It may not be always a successful attempt, but we love doing it that way. In our own way. In our own definition. I am really grateful that I surround myself with plenty of self-taught artists that start their journey in front of my very own eyes everyday. They taught me creativity, hardwork, courage and respect. And those are contagious, the spirit they have. They don't really believe in ownership, but they do understand the importance of supporting each other idea and be happy when it actually comes to live.

And everytime someone said to me how much they love my works, past and present, I feel like it goes to me and my friends actually. Yeah, we are awesome that way.

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