Jun 24, 2011

Vintage Fashion Magazines

Majalah-majalah fesyen vintage yang saya temukan
di kantor pos tua langganan saya. Di lapak bapak
penjual majalah ini saya menemukan banyak sekali
ephemera cantik yang ingin sekali saya beli semuanya
bila mampu:)

These are my latest finds from that old post office 
that I haven't been visited for awhile now. The 
guy who sell these to me has such an excellent
collections of ephemera that I wish I can buy
them all!


cecilliahidayat said...

iiiiiiih kantor pos mana Ka? mau ikutttttt XD

Fiona said...

Hi Van~! i'm currently into sewing clothing from the 40's and up. i spied some gorgeous pages from these magazines. would you consider buying these old paper beauties and sell them to me? i'm serious.. really. :) they would be such an inspiration for me.

Luchie said...

wah lucuuuuuuu....sekarang kalo di Jogja yg kyk gitu harganya mahal, soalnya org2 dah tau "harga" barang lawas yg dicari orang2 :(

vantiani said...

Cecil, biasa pasar baru:D

Fiona, sure I can always look for more and let you know when I found them. You are only interested from those two eras?

Luchie, Iya sekarang dimana-dimana vintage mahal. It's an international trend apparently.

Ratna said...

Hi Van,
Salam kenal.
Lihat buku fashion vintage, jadi inget Mamaku yang doyan jahit...*flashback*

Fiona said...

thank you Van! :)
it can be any era. i've sewn using paper patterns from the 40's and 50's. i love the 60's too and currently collecting clothing to wear from the 70's-80's. (it'll be great if the magazines have some form of patterns/instructions. don't have, never mind too, they're great itself!)

i'm excited! i could buy a big bundle if possible!
hear from you!! :D
thank you thank you. xoxo

kuwacikecil said...

mana kopernya? mana kopernya? *celingak celinguk

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Hai Ika! What's up you? Aku udah lama enggak nge-blog n blog-reading nih. Busy with the shop. Btw, just wanna officially invite you to our third Festival Rajutan Indonesia. This time Lokasi nya di Museum Bank Mandiri lagi, like the first one. Tanggal 16 and 17 July 2011. Will be very nice if you can come. Hope to see you there!

dweedy said...

Bagusnya :O
Disini gak tau dimana beli majalah/buku bekas... T_T

vantiani said...

kuwacikecil, beberapa koper gue ada di blog post dulu dulu disini:D

Melisa! I will certainly LOVE to be there! See you ya! HUGS!

dweedy, kalo di Jakarta yang banyak sekali majalah dan buku bekas di Terminal Pasar Senen dan basement Blok M Square.Selamat berburu ya!


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