Jun 6, 2011

where all those scraps of fabric go

Ini adalah tempat belanja kain sisa langganan ibu saya
yang sekarang juga tampaknya menjadi langganan
beberapa teman-teman saya. Tempatnya kecil sekali
namun isinya memang luar biasa serunya. Tapi karena
jauh dan macet sekali kesananya saya sendiri baru
sekali kesana. Lokasinya di kelapa dua Depok.

That woman in red shirt is my mom and this is her
favourite shop for scraps fabric for making patchwork.
Now it is my friend's favourite shop too apparently.
Such a heaven I tell you although I only been here
once because it's far and the traffic is terrible on the
way there. But then who cares, right?:)


Fiona said...

goodness! it's my heaven. would you kindly share the address with me? :)

vantiani said...

I think it's better if I gave you the phone number instead because I don't think its easy to find even with a complete address since it's placed in such a small road.

The phone number is 021 99535843.

Happy fabric shopping, Fiona!:)

Fiona said...

oops.. i just saw this. I'm storing the number down now. one day when i get to jkt!! :) thank you.

bee wee said...

mba... ini deket rumah....kapan-kapan maen ksana ah!!
Makasih infonya...


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