Apr 6, 2011

the art of being a hunter and gatherer

Saya selalu suka ke kantor pos, benda-benda pos bekas dan segalanya
tentang dunia filateli. Makanya saya rajin mengunjungi tempat ini
sebulan sekali untuk membeli amplop bekas, kartu ucapan, kertas surat
ataupun sekeda mencari kejutan-kejutan menarik diantara tumpukan-
tumpukan kertas cantik-cantik ini.

I go to this place at least once a month to look for those wonderful
surprises that I can find among its piles and piles of stamp albums, 
talking to those old moms and pops who's been selling stuff there 
or just hang out to watch them work. Such a heavenly space indeed.


paperpleased said...

Ika, this is amazing! Dya mind me asking, in which part of jakarta?
I feel like decorating my house with those old stamps! ;D

Nauli said...

Yeah! Your new blog is online! so, should we go on with our little project?

vantiani said...

To paperpleased: Itu di kantor pos filateli Pasar Baru.

To Nauli: yes! let's!

Jaime said...

Those stamps are fantastic! Don't you just love seeking out vintage stamps?!

vantiani said...

Hey Jaime!
I used to collect stamps when I was a kid but now I collect for totally different reasons like for my collages and its pretty pictures. Stamps are sexy!


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