Apr 16, 2011

Would you like to win one of these?

Ada dua set seri kolase saya yang bisa dimenangkan di blog
teman saya anna minggu ini. Anna adalah perempuan Indonesia
yang tinggal di Australia dan blognya cantik sekali!

You can win one from these two series of collages of mine
at my friend's Anna's  blog this week. She make stuff too and
her blog is just so so pretty. You will love it. Join in!


kuwacikecil said...

SUKAA!! suka blog barumu juga, mbak!! :D
salam kenal yaaa!! ;)


vantiani said...

Hey kuwacikecil!
Selamat datang kembali!


kuwacikecil said...

facebook mu apakah gerangan nona? hehehe

vantiani said...

Ria! I have watched your Mwathirika! And I am oh so so in love with the details of the whole performance!
I bought the DVD after the show at Goethe and I think that red whistle idea for one of the merchandising is superb! Sayang kehabisan:(

Anyway, I don't do FB since last year:D

Oh I wish we can meet up and talk in person soon!

HUGS! You are just so so inspiring!



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